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Lawer and Private Detective - Vienna and Salzburg

The detective agency at Schwedenplatz in Vienna 1010 Take a little time and become acquainted with us! Let us convince you. We offer surveillance on the highest standard and this in almost all areas. From marriage/divorce up to the proof of the marital unfaithfulness to a number of fake illness and also surveillances about personal security until the Due Diligence check of enterprises, CEOs and executive. The first call is free. According to the § 1295 ABGB in many cases, the costs of the private investigator can be replaced by the injuring party. The customer consequently gets the complete fee refunded and no costs are caused for him. Our detective agency in Vienna deals with solving family problems and provides detective services to business clients. The service area is not limited to Austria. You can handle questions that concern other countries.

Our detective services in Vienna and Salzburg

Marital problems: marital infidelity, problems with children. Surveilance and counter-surveilance, including on vacation abroad. Tracing: debtor, scammer, missing person, relative and friend. Collection and verification of information about people: from passport data to the social communications. Collection and verification of information about legal entities. Checking rooms and cars for the presence in listening devices and special equipment. The best detective in Vienna should be able to understand and assess the problem. If you do not find a section that matches your problem, just write or call us and we'll try to help you!


Salztorgasse 2 / 7,
1010 Wien
Tel.: 01 9972 887
Mobile: 0699 1190 1190

Moosstraße 60,
5020 Salzburg
Tel.: 0662 231 070
Mobile: 0699 1190 1190

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